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Really like this new site Apps For Hotels  which has just gone live. The concept behind the site is to provide hotel app design at incredibly low prices to allow hotels build loyalty, engage with customers and ultimately generate sales. Prices for Hotel apps start from as low as €39 p.m and offer a great selection of features for hotels.

Apps for hotelsThe reality is that every hotel serious about their online presence really should have an app in 2015.

Cheap Dublin Apartments

Trying  to overhaul Cheap Dublin Apartments at present. This is an old site so needs a fresh look and hopefully we can move it up the rankings for the terms Cheap Dublin apartments, cheap apartments in Dublin and Dublin apartments in the next few months.

Dublin apartments are viewed by many tourists to the city as a better alternative to hotels as they offer a more flexible option.

Irish App Development

Looking for an Irish App Development company? Have a great idea for an app you want to develop but not sure where to start looking? Check out the guys over at Mobile are an Irish based company that specialise in App Development for both the Android and IOS markets.

App Development


The app market is HUGE so if you have an idea or concept for an app then why not gives Brian a call on 021-2340099


Facebook Timeline Design

Is your business Facebook Timeline Design letting your business image down? Most businesses still do not realise the importance of having a professional looking facebook timeline design.

Facebook Timeline Design

Why not add your most important details to your facebook timeline? Your direct contact details, special offers, website address and/or more??? A picture paints a thousand words so presenting your facebook connections with a sleek, professional, informative timeline is a must.

Self Catering Mobile Websites

Ireland’s leading Mobile Website experts are now offering Self Catering Mobile Websites for those involved in the self catering industry. Most people involved in the self catering industry have yet to cotton on to the fact that they are losing potential customers by not providing them with a mobile friendly version of their website.

  • Over 65% of Irish people now own a smart phone
  • Internet search on smart phones will surpass P.C search by the end of 2013
  • Desktop sites do not in most cases display properly on a mobile device
  • The tourism industry is a highly searched for niche on smartfones

Wexford Hotels

Get the best deals on Wexford Hotels at The Riverbank House Hotel Wexford. This Wexford Hotel is famed for its quality of service, excellent food, relaxed surrounds and most importantly its value for money. The hotel is currently offering fantastic summer Special Offers not to be missed. Wexford hotels in general have a great reputation for their customer service-however The Riverbank House Hotel sets the standards for others to follow.

Belfast Hotels

Belfast has become a hip trendy city to visit in the past few years. Belfast Hotels now offer visitors to the city some excellent choices ranging from low budget hotels to the higher end of things. With easy access from many UK airports and Dublin Belfast has seen its tourism industry grow at a greater rate than many other European destinations over the past number of years. The Peace Wall has become an unusual if  not unique “visitor attraction”. The city is certainly well worth a visit.

Cheap Cork Hotels

Cheap Cork Hotels is a new site we have just started. Cheap Cork Hotels will feature all hotels in Cork in the coming weeks. Incidentally the site and domain Cheap Cork Hotels is also available for sale for any interested parties. Contact Dara on 086-8173494. It is expected that in a short period of time the site will rank on the first page of Google for its main keyword term-cheap cork hotels. Its currently on page 3.

Hotels in Galway

Hotels in Galway is a new site we will be launching very shortly. Its a great domain name and we are confident we will rank very well on Google for the main associated term-hotels in Galway. We will also be rolling out some other excellent domain/sites that are Galway related in the next few weeks. All sites will allow hotels to advertise directly on our network and will offer superb value.

Hotels in Dublin

Hotels in Dublin is our latest Dublin hotels site that in the coming weeks we will be developing further. The goal is to rank this site towards the top of Google for terms such as Hotels in Dublin. The site will facilitate providers of hotels in Dublin to gain direct exposure on this great domain in conjunction with some other useful Dublin hotel related sites we are currently revamping. Our sister site SEOinIreland will implement the SEO.

Cheap Ballsbridge For Sale

Cheap Ballsbridge Hotels is up for sale. This is a great domain name for anyone involved in the Ballsbridge Hotels niche. The site is not complete yet but comes with a guarantee of a top 3 ranking on Google for the main term associated with the site and the site can be completed to buyers required spec. The site is already visible on page 1 of Google for the term Cheap Ballsbridge Hotels. For more details contact Dara on 086-8173494.

Hotels in Dublin – Accommodation

Leading Hotels in Dublin website is doing well. This site ranks very well on Google for terms like hotels in Dublin, Dublin Hotels, hotels in Temple bar etc.. The site is well aged a vital factor that Google consider so for anyone in the know this represents a real opportunity to book hotels in Dublin easily. For more details visit the site at Dublin Hotels

10 Things you Didn’t know about Dublin

Ireland’s capital city Dublin has fast become one of the most visited short break city destinations in Europe. It seems these days that anyone and everyone has been there, done it and seen it all in Dublin. Besides being home to Guinness, Trinity College, The Temple Bar and Grafton Street there is far more to Dublin that initially meets the eye. The best selection of Hotels in Dublin can be booked online here or you can also check out our sister site at Dublin Hotels if you want to save serious money by booking Dublin Hotels.

1. Dublin is called Baile Atha Cliath in Gaelic and dates back to the 9th century. It was originally a Viking settlement.

2. At one stage O’ Connell Street, the city’s main street was regarded as the widest street in Europe.

3. Dublin is also a county as well as a city but is actually one of the smallest of the 32 Irish counties.

4. The head of the Irish government is called An Taoiseach, which translated literally from Gaelic means “leader”

5. The home of the Irish parliament is in Dublin and is called The Dail. The three major political parties based in The Dail are Fianna Fail, Fianna Gael and Labour.

6. Dublin has less pubs per head of the population than any other European capital. Amazing but true!

7. The home of The Dubs, as they are fondly known is Croke Park. The Dubs are the Dublin Gaelic Football team. Croke Park is recognised as being one of the best Stadiums in the entire world due to its size and shape which creates a natural amphitheatre effect.

8. Dublin is home to the second largest outdoor park in the world-The Phoenix Park. This is the largest park in Europe and second only in the world to Central Park in New York.

9. The biggest crowd ever assembled in Ireland gathered in the Phoenix Park in 1819 to a rally led by Daniel O Connell calling for the freedom of Ireland from English oppression and rule. Over 1.5 million impassioned people gathered to hear O Connell proclaim “that the freedom of Ireland is not worth the shedding of one drop of blood”.

10. The freedom of Dublin city has only been bestowed on a small number of people including Nelson Mandela, U2 and Bob Geldof. This honour carries the unusual privilege of allowing its’ recipients to graze sheep free of charge in St Stephens Green, one of Dublin’s best known landmarks.

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Hotels in Drogheda – Drogheda Hotels, Louth

Hotels in Drogheda in County Louth are a wonderful base for anyone hoping to enjoy the delights of a bustling town, steeped in traditional Irish hospitality. This lively town is famed for its vibrant restaurant culture, and it is home to an exciting live music scene. Hotels in Drogheda range from budget to luxury, and they all offer charming home comforts. The town is a wonderful location for anyone hoping to sample traditional hospitality, while also enjoying the sights of a lively town.